What We Do Best

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System Engineering

Maintenance, repair & installation.
installations and upgrade of software

Electrical Electronic Engineering

Design, Construction, simulation & installations.
also maintenance & repair services
Electrical Design with AUTOCAD

Web Developer

Design & management of web sites
Online Marketer


Live Streaming Events

Show case your events & programs for the world to see through different social media

CCTV Installations

Increase the security around you with the aid of close circuit television monitoring at you finger tip.


Both home and Industrial automation, to increase efficient production

Online Registration & Payment

Payment on various platform and online registration with biometric capturing

Solar Panel & Inverter Installation

Green energy, harvest power from the sun with solar panel & covert to AC with use of Inverter


Network setup for easy sharing of documents and resources, also internet access facilities both wired & wireless connection

Electronic Circuit Design

Designing on proteus & construction of electronic projects

Special Tutorials

Mathematics, Physics, chemistry & computer private tutor

We Can Help you with...

Cheap & affordable London use laptops 100%
Web Design 70%
Computer Repair & Maintenance 96%
Electrical Installation 100%
Online Marketing 60%

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